Niagara Climbing Center has established itself as the premier indoor climbing destination in Western New York.  Whether it’s the first time you’ve wrapped your fingers around a hold, or you’ve been feeding the climbing habit for years – you’ll find NCC both inviting and challenging

Because it's there

That’s George Mallory’s famous 1923 reply when asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest.

Climbing offers an exciting and challenging workout. Physically, it emphasizes strength, flexibility and endurance. Mentally, it demands focus, adaptability, and good decisions.

Whether you are looking for a more interesting way to get fit than endless treadmill laps, interested in a new experience that is fun no matter your ability or experience, or after an amazingly fun alternative to traditional parties, climbing is the answer.


Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.

Yoga offers a mental, physical, and spiritual journey that will increase physical strength and flexibility, and mental acuity through controlled movement and breathing.

Whether you are looking to augment traditional climbing or fitness workouts with a practice that stretches tight muscles and destresses the mind, or searching for a lifestyle practice that will enhance all aspects of your life, yoga is the answer.


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Niagara Climbing Center

  • 6000 square feet of climbing terrain
  • Over 30 top rope stations, each 20 feet high
  • A variety of walls and routes to suit beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers
  • Intriguing features like roofs, bulges, and top-outs that help to develop skills needed on real rock
  • Space for long routes and traverses to build endurance and focus on specific techniques
  • Always fresh, quality routes by our in-house route-setters