Homeschool Climbing Club

  • Are you looking for more ways to incorporate Physical Education into your homeschool curriculum? 
  • Do you want to get your kids more active? 
  • Are you looking for new ways for your homeschoolers to socialize with friends?


Niagara Climbing Center’s Homeschool Climbing Club offers it all.

This six- week course is only open to homeschooling families, promoting a controlled and family-friendly environment. Rock Climbing promotes self-esteem, cooperation, self-reliance, endurance, and strength. Through games, creative challenges and skill building activities, homeschoolers will learn and develop basic climbing skills/technique and increase self-confidence. Our Homeschool Climbing Club will always include elements of warm-up exercises, bouldering, top rope climbing along with a variety of movement challenges and team building activities in a controlled, supportive and fun-filled environment.


Every Monday
1:00pm – 3:00pm

$75 for first sibling
$45 for each additional sibling
rental equipment included