Gym Rules


Every visitor must check-in at the front desk

Every visitor must have a current waiver on file

Instruction is only allowed by qualified NCC staff

No loose chalk ~ keep chalk sock inside chalk bag

No food or gum in climbing area; contained drinks only

No activity that jeopardizes the safety of yourself or others

No horseplay ~ running, screaming, swinging or bouncing on ropes

NCC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items

NCC has the right to revoke all privileges for unsafe or inappropriate behavior

Climbing shoes must be worn at all times


Belayers must be at least 13 years old

Must use modified indoor belay technique, instructed by NCC staff

Do not walk between the Belayer and the wall ~ walk around


Do not climb, stand or walk under other climbers

Do not boulder without a mat below you

Climbing shoes must be worn while bouldering