Group Climbing

We can accommodate school, church, scout, corporate and other organizational groups either during our normal hours of operation or during special open times. Just call us to discuss logistics.

If you would like to bring in a group and have exclusive use of our party room, just check out our Parties Page.

Field Trips

If your school is looking for a program to enhance the physical education curriculum or teach social and responsible interaction, we offer experiences that directly relate to these areas. Climbing is not only a physical activity, but also requires mental control and discipline and precise communication. As a social activity, it requires a level of trust and interaction that is not attainable in a school environment. In order to ensure safety students must follow procedural routines before leaving the ground every time. This teaches them to be critical in their thought process and judgement.

Whether you decide to do a program in our 6,000 sq. ft. indoor facility or need a portable wall that can come to you, Niagara Climbing Center has it all.

Corporate Team Building

Looking for a fun outing for your staff or a program to help your groups’ performance?

Climbing by nature requires an intimate level of complete trust between the climber and belayer. Once the climber leaves the ground, his/her life is entirely in the hands of the belayer, a responsibility so rarely granted outside the sport. The climber/belayer relationship is one which entails a camaraderie based on intensive focus and purpose to safely and intelligently attain a goal. When coworkers are involved in such activities they can relate to each other on an entirely different level; a dynamic that can strengthen the workplace environment with improved communication and trust.

Our corporate programs are flexible to suite each group’s needs.